2018 Fall League Teams Entered


Team Entries for 2018-19 Fall Leagues

New Dart League Locations if needed

Suburban Lanes  2621 S Spring Ave.


Mon. Doubles 501/Cricket/701

Tues  NO HCDP  501/Cricket/701

Hideout  Shootin the Bull                    Earley

Hideout  Delinquent Darters              Hanisch

Hideout   Misfits                                     Larson

Hideout   Bullz Deep                             Johnson

Hideout 4 stooges                              Brandis

Tues Handicap  501/Cricket/701

Tues Pink Ladies

Wednesday  501 Team/701


Wednesday 501/Cricket Team/701

Hideout  Aftershockz                          Eichhorn

Hideout  Kibble N Bits             Seewald

Thursday  501 Team/701

Bottoms Up  Easy In Hard Out    Wiersma

Bottoms Up  Trick of the Hats      Mitchell

Bottoms Up  Bullshitters                 Borden

Eastway  Shockerz         Plooster

Eastway Miracle Darts    Hartmans

Hideout  Crazy Darts             Crow Good Voice

Hideout  Poles & Holes                DeVries

Hideout  We Don’t Care               Leber

Poppadox  4o and a Bull                   Kaiser Olson


Thursday  501 / Cricket

Hideout  Magic v Darts                   Pierce

Thursday Far East  501 Team/701

Up Dam Creek  Wild Beavers    Vanden Bussche

Up Dam Creek  Evil Beavers    Remme

Up Dam Creek  Dam Darts          Buss

Bottoms Up  Zoo Crew       Mulder

Sports Center  Gringo Dawgs    Tietgen