Musivend March Madness Tournament

                                Musivend                                 March                                 Madness Tournament Tuesday 501/cricket League   race to 5                                                                                                       A division Play at HIDEOUT   Square Chicken—vs— Who Caring Who @ 7:00 Shootin the Bull—vs— Bullz Deep             @ 7:00                 FLIP FOR HOME TEAM                         MARCH –27 2018                   B division Play at BOTTOMS […]

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Year-End Dart Party

April 20th at Bottoms Up Tournament starts at 7:00

League Starting Dates

Wednesday Traveling Doubles – April 25th Thursday Traveling Co-ed Pink Ladies – April 19th Thursday Traveling Doubles – April 26 Thursday Far East trips – April 26

Spot Point Handicap System

Handicap for 501 games will be based on the player’s “Point Per Dart”. Handicap for Cricket games will be based on the player’s “Marks Per Round”. The dartboard automatically adjusts the players starting score according to the P.P.D. or M.P.R. of the players in that game.  This helps keep matches […]

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